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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tuesday May 31st

I was moaning about Lipton tea to the man who runs the kiosk in my building (the one who sells the Trojan condoms) and telling him how crap it was, and only Americans would drink it.

So this morning, he surprised me by brandishing a box of Tetley British Blend tea bags for my morning cuppa. Now that's customer service.

At the moment I am plotting my strategy to leave work at 2.15pm today to go and watch the England v Columbia game. It's a football match. Real football, not the American padded variety. Coincidentally, I am dressed in red, white and blue. The pysche is a wonderful thing.


Anonymous garrym said...

You scared me, until I saw the game was at Giants Stadium. I could just imagine you taking the subway to Bakers Field. You'd probably be a big hit after 125th with your colors (colours?).

12:00 PM


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