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Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday May 27th.

I had very bad food poisoning yesterday, so all I saw was the inside of my toilet bowl for much of the day. Today, I still feel bad, but had to go to work, so I just kept my head down concentrated really hard on not puking as I walked to the subway.

At one point I had a nasty scare, thought I was going to heave and got panicky - would I have to puke on the street? Luckily I was bringing a dress into work to give to someone, so I had a bag I could have used. Would not have done much for the Marc Jacob frock inside, though.


Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Sure you aren't pregnant?

10:04 AM

Blogger mindthetrap said...

that's disgusting, i hate puking, but i know how you feel, happened to me more than once before.
i once had to let it all out on a street corner after having had a long ass night drinking. ONE WORD: YUK. anyway, hope you're feeling better.

6:36 PM


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