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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Thursday September 16th.

This morning, walking to the station, I saw this squirrel running round and round a tree trunk really fast. It looked like a small furry fan-belt. On a tree.

And then I started thinking, maybe the squirrel was mad. Maybe it had Mad Squirrel Disease. Or maybe it wasn't mad, it was just happy. But what would make a squirrel happy? What would make a squirrel unhappy, if it came to that. Did squirrels go mad? What would make them mad? Did other squirrels notice if they became mentally ill? Would they be able to do anything about it - I'm thinking squirrel group therapy here - or would they just ignore the mad squirrel or beat it to death or something.

Then I realised that somewhere in the world there are people who are experts on squirrels, who know all about this. There is probably someone who is acknowledged as the world's foremost authority on squirrels. Maybe there are rivals for the title, who argue fiercely in scientific journals and slag each other off at squirrel conferences in Rio and Tel Aviv.

Just a thought. Or two.


Blogger bronx expat said...

There are also people who call themselves "squirrel fishers."

4:11 AM


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