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Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday September 3rd. Lunchtime.

Sometimes, the little victories are the sweetest.

I was buying my lunch and this big beardo-weirdo man in a trucker hat was completely blocking my way to the cold drinks cabinet while he took three hours to ponder what flavour Snapple he wanted. I knew what I wanted, but could I get to it? No I fucking could not. Eventually Snapple moo-cow moved on and managed to bag the only free till, while I had to join the queue behind a woman who seemed to find operating her purse and paying for her food an insurmountable task.

I eventually got to the head of the queue and lo and behold over strolled moo-cow man. Behind me. Turns out there was no-one at his 'free till', so he ended up paying after me. Ha! Ha! Fucker! I win! Ha! I am drunk with victory.


Blogger me said...

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12:08 PM

Blogger Pirate Aggro said...

Man I have been there! Your site made me laugh. I too harbor these secret feelings for folks as I wend my way through life.

11:40 AM


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