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Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday September 10th.

On the plane yesterday, the steward spilled red wine all over my jacket. Because I was in public, I couldn't just lick it all off, which was a shame. After I left the plane the woman who'd been sitting next to me told me I should put the jacket in a bag with dishwasher liquid overnight and then wash it and the stains would come out. I thanked her politely, but as I was staying in a hotel, it wasn't really a practical option for me.

Imagine my surprise, when I got to my hotel and found a washing machine and a dryer in a cupboard in my room. Fate, I tell you, fate.

This morning, as I was wandering around town looking for an internet cafe, a middle-aged couple walked towards me. Then the woman suddenly turned to the man and sniffed him. As they passed, I could hear her saying, "There's so many other smells in the air today.....". Quite true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't have computers in Canada.


9:08 AM

Blogger Sister Sunshine said...

I don't know if that lady meant regular dishwashing liquid (like Dawn) or the kind that you put in a dishwasher... but I'd definitely be careful about the kind you put in a dishwasher, because it contains bleach.

Glad it all worked out for ya...
: )

11:45 AM


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