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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Wednesday August 25th

Two women got on my train this morning. They were chunky, dressed exclusively by Old Navy and conducted a hearty shouting conversation with each other that indicated they were either born again Christians or they didn't know each other very well. I say conversation, but it was really a high-decibel banal stream of consciousness.

"Brrrrrrr! It's cold in here, isn't it!"
That'll be the air conditioning, dear.

"It's getting pretty crowded in here now, isn't it?"
Well yes. It's rush hour and the train is about to go. Who knew?

"Ooooh look. There's the driver!"
Yes. There is the driver. He's going to drive the train. That's what train drivers do. They make the train move.

"Oooooh look! The doors are closing!"
Yes. They are. Amazing, that.

The pair kept this up all journey (Oooooh look! We're in a tunnel! Oooooh look! We're coming into a station!), while all around them ground down another set of teeth. When we got out of the train, they were in front of me. They climbed slowly up the stairs ahead of me, and walked the same way I was going. They were both large, so I couldn't get round them. They were still talking (Oooooooh look! Buildings! Ooooooh look! People!) as they crossed the road with me and by this time there was a homicidal rage building inside of me. Never mind, I thought, I'll lose them at the bus stop. God couldn't possibly be unkind enough. Could she? She could.

All three of us arrived at the bus stop and I heard one woman shout to the other "Ooooooh. Shall we get the bus?!"

I walked.


Blogger la depressionada said...

Testament to the advantages of rarely leaving the house.

8:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you choose to punish yourself? For the blog? Yes we are trapped in hell/subway cars with those who assault all our senses and sanity. Once those doors open, you say a polite "excuse me" and push on through.

9:01 AM

Blogger la depressionada said...

Without suffering there is no redemption.

9:15 AM


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