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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Thursday August 19th

On my way in to work I saw a woman in a pink shirt. The shirt had huge damp patches on the back and I thought, "Wow, she's really sweating like a pig. She should do something about that. Maybe see a doctor. Or wear a cardigan. Or emigrate." Then I saw she had damp hair, like she hadn't blow-dried it. But it didn't look damp enough or long enough to have caused such huge wet patches. I remain unsure.

Then I saw a cute little 'activist' family on the M34 bus. She had hennaed hair, he looked like he once met Jack Kerouac, and they had a darling little crusty/crunchy teenage daughter, complete with dreadlocks. Unfortunately, she had plucked eyebrows and a manicure. I looked at her clumpy boots and figured she probably had regular pedicures too. I guess even crusties evolve. But I was disappointed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

M34 bus riders beware....

1:40 PM


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