I work in New York City. It's full of nutters. Go figure.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday August 30th

There were lots of people on my train who aren't normally on it. Re-routed from Penn. You could tell they were not locals because they ran down the stairs for the train when it wasn't about to go. Locals don't do that. It's too uncool. They were uncomfortable on the train and sat fidgeting a lot, which raised the overall stress levels, train-wise.

At 34th St, there were soldiers with machine guns. They looked at me suspiciously and I thought, for heaven's sake, I don't look like a terrorist. If anything, I look like a tired, badly-dressed yuppie who's been puking all weekend from food poisoning, and who just wants to find somewhere comfortable to lie down and continue vomiting.

I saw a man picking up dogshit in a (thankfully opaque) plastic bag this morning. I noticed he already had one bag of shit in his hand, which means his dog shits at least twice on one walk. I will never have a dog.


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