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Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday August 23rd. Mid-morning.

Just now, I went to get a toasted bagel with cream cheese. The world's most annoying woman was ahead of me in the queue. She spoke so quietly that none of the servers could hear her. She then began to question the nutritional value of each and every muffin they had on offer. Next, she took what felt like half an hour to order a breakfast bagel, with a public debate on whether she should have cheese with it. All of this in a whisper that ensured she had to repeat everything at least three times.

When she finally finished, she did not move out of the way, but just stood there, preventing anyone else from stepping up to the counter, like a gormless moo cow. I really wanted to kick her very hard indeed. She had long red talons, where her fingernails should have been, which made me want to kick her even harder. I bet she annoys everyone in her office when she types, with all that talon-clicking.


Blogger Uch said...

Finally. ET's internal monologue, in real time. An outstanding development . . .

8:46 AM

Blogger alizinha said...

yes, please don't ever stop. so best!

3:51 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

The talon woman is an evil bitch who should die a horrible death. BTW, I am stealing the expression "gormless moo cow." Classic.

4:58 AM


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