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Friday, August 20, 2004

Friday August 20th

I was walking along the street this morning when I realised my shoes were too big for me and I never should have worn them. Actually, I never should have bought them. I began to really hate my shoes. I thought maybe I could buy some different ones at lunchtime. Then I realised I wouldn't have time today and my hatred for my shoes increased.

Further down the road I caught sight of my expression in a shop window and I realised I looked very pained. I wasn't feeling particularly pained by that stage, so I tried to look a little less like I was chewing on a turd-covered wasp.

A very very very fat woman took half an hour to get off the bus in front of me. Then she stood, recovering, on the sidewalk, blocking my way off the bus for what seemed like half an hour. I stood behind her, hating her very much indeed. Then as I finally got past her, I felt really bad for hating her. I considered that I was not a very nice person and maybe I should go to meditation or something. Then I went to get a bagel. I had ceased looking pained by this stage.


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